The best gift ideas for those who are clueless

The Christmas celebrations are around the corner, and with that comes the occasionally stress-inducing responsibility of choosing gifts for people, lots of people.

While choosing a gift is an easy task every now and then, oftentimes you can’t help but end up confused or clueless on what the best gift idea actually means.  It could be because you drew someone you barely know in the company Kris Kringle; or because you need to get a gift for that person “who has everything”; or, let’s face it, the opposite gender will always be difficult to buy gifts for (I’ve been married for almost 20 years, yet I still struggle on what to get wifey every Christmas or birthday).

Whatever the reason for your gift-choosing struggle, maybe some of these tips will help you in your quest to come up with the best Christmas gift idea.

1. Inspirational items

Everyone could use a little inspiration now and then, so items that could uplift mind, body, and spirit will always be welcome.  Think of inspirational paperweights; a devotional, motivational, or self-help book; or even articles of clothing that have motivational messages.

As vehicular traffic is getting worse and worse, I am becoming a big fan of the audio books in this genre; as I can turn my car, while stuck in the carmageddon that is Philippine rush-hour traffic, into a mobile classroom or pep-talk.

A simple trip to Amazon will result in awesome audio content from the very best authors and motivators, such as Jim Rohn, Robert Kiyosaki, John Maxwell­­­, Zig Ziglar and others.  Simply order your audio item and send it as a gift (for computer users only; mobile users can’t do this) and viola!

2. Gift Cards

One of the simplest ways to remedy this gift giving confusion is to buy gift cards, such as a Sodexo Gift Certificate from the good folks at GC Regalo.

No more guesses, no more buying the wrong item or the wrong color, no more “Oops, it seems it’s a little too big, heehee!” because with a gift card, you are allowing your kringle to get exactly what he or she wants without spending a single centavo.

You’re happy because you didn’t have to fret over what you think should be the best gift idea, and the kringle is happy because he or she will be like, “YES!!! I know exactly what to do with this!”

Win-win? Win-win!

3. Things that you are passionate about or are known for

You may not know what he or she likes, but there may be things about you or what you stand for that are common knowledge and likely even appreciated. So while there are some risks if you choose this option (you may get something that the other party has no interest in) at least they know if comes from the very bottom of your heart.

Let’s say you’re known in the office as the class clown. You may not know what your kringle would like as a gift, but I bet that if he or she got something funny from you, that person will like it because it will serve as a reminder of you and your antics.

Here’s a real-life example: when my friend got married, I gave him an almanac on the nutritive value of food as a wedding gift. While I doubt the groom has the same convictions as I do about health, he told me that he appreciated my gift because he knew that it was something I was passionate about.

4. Items that make life safer

Who in the world can’t appreciate a gift that has the safety or well-being of the recipient in mind? In my opinion, these are acceptable pretty much by default.

Humans love the smell. Mosquitoes don’t.

For example, dengue fever is a scourge that has stricken and even killed so many people in this country (I am sure all of you know someone who has lost his or her life from the dreaded mosquito-borne disease). If anyone decides to give a citronella spray or, my favourite, Mosquit citronella-based potpourri as I gift, I doubt the recipient would look down on it.

What’s your kringle gonna say, “Thanks, but no thanks! I like having those potentially life-threatening mosquitos around me and my family”? NO!! No way!

(By the way, if you want to try Mosquit you can email me)

With modern times becoming more and more dangerous by the year, a gift that would serve as a protection from any kind of threat would be much appreciated.

Do you have any suggestions for good gift ideas? Feel free to let me know at the comments section. It would be great to hear from you.

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